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Microstructural Evaluation of Convex Die Extrudates

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Microstructural Evaluation of Convex Die Extrudates

Heather M. Browne, Steve Claves, Pawel Kazanowski, and Wojciech Z. Misiolek, Institute for Metal Forming, Lehigh University

Track: DIE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY - Finite Element Method

ABSTRACT --- The aim of a convex die design is to produce a more uniform velocity
distribution at the die orifice by extending the field of radial metal flow within the
deformation zone to promote higher extrusion exit speed. With substantial radial metal
flow into the die orifice, a more uniform microstructure throughout the extrudate is
expected. The effects of die semi-angle on final extrudate microstructure, specifically
peripheral coarse grain structure in 6063 and 2014 alloys, are presented. Die semiangles
of 94, 98, 102, and 106° were analyzed and results were compared against the
microstructure obtained using an industrial standard, 90°, flat-face die. Characterization
of extrudate microstructures involved light optical microscopy and electron
backscattered diffraction (EBSD) methods. A substantial microstructural difference
between the material response of 6063 and 2014 alloys did exist. Results obtained
from this analysis suggest a noticeable relationship between convex die semi-angle
and microstructural gradient within the extrudate for the 6063 alloy only. With
examination of the final microstructures, it may be possible to determine an optimum
convex die angle useful for minimizing the depth of peripheral coarse grains in the
observed alloys.

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