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Managing Your Product from Your Dock to the Customer’s Dock

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Managing Your Product from Your Dock to the Customer’s Dock

Raffaele D’Andrea, Emmebi s.r.l., Udine Italy


ABSTRACT --- Very often in the extrusion process, it is thought that the end of the
process is after painting, anodizing, or even after aging. In most cases, packaging
and shipping is just considered an afterthought, with no technical thought applied to
this part of the manufacturing process. In fact, the product is not considered
completely processed until the customer receives the product in an acceptable
condition. It is a fact that the product is to be considered completely processed only
after delivery to the customer. Just the transition of the product from the added-value
departments to the shipping department can increase costs through increased
manpower and damaged material. Steps can be taken to improve the transition from
the added-value departments in order to decrease costs. First, the integration of a
packaging system directly on the output section of a paint line or anodizing line will
help eliminate handling damage such as scratches and forklift damage. A packaging
system integrated into an added-value line will also eliminate the need for a
packaging queue, thus decreasing process time. Second, organization and product
flow can be improved and maximized without large investments. Jobs rarely
considered, such as interleaving and strapping with batons and banding, can be
greatly improved just by placing supplies near the work station, or by eliminated or
reduced queue areas, forcing smoother material flow. Third, increasing the strength
and rigidity of master bundles during packaging, as well standardizing bundle widths
for more uniform stacking in the truck, are other areas that can be improved. If focus
is put on these three areas it will give further assurance that the product will be
delivered complete to the customer.

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