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Solid-State Bonding in Longitudinal Weld Seam Formation

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Solid-State Bonding in Longitudinal Weld Seam Formation

Andrew J. den Bakker, Nedal Aluminium B.V., Utrecht, The Netherlands
Simon-Peter Edwards, Netherlands Institute for Metals Research, Delft, The Netherlands
Jie Zhou, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Track: EXTRUSION/DIE, THEORETICAL - Metal Flow, Weld Seam, Modeling

ABSTRACT --- For the production of complex hollow aluminum extrusions,
porthole dies are the predominant tooling setup. In these dies, the billet is divided
into multiple metal streams, which are rejoined in the weld chamber to form
longitudinal weld seams. Fundamental understanding of the solid-state bonding
process is essential for the production of reliable structural hollow extrusions,
especially for critical applications. A study has been conducted to investigate the
fundamental solid-state bonding and weld seam formation processes occurring in
extrusion. The method chosen was to use a thermo–mechanical simulator
(Gleeble 3500), thereby having the ability to independently vary equivalent
process parameters such as strain, strain rate, and temperature. The alloys
investigated were AA6060, AA6082, and AA7020. The results showed that to
form a bond, strain was the most influential parameter, along with the time of
deformation (bonding time). The effect of temperature on bonding was found to
be dependent on alloy composition. Based on the results obtained, the concept of
surface stretching of the interface was formulated as a critical criterion to
quantify the solid-state bonding efficiency. The criterion was applied to the
different aluminum alloys. With the adopted method, it was possible to
discriminate between the investigated alloys’ ability to form bonds, and to
correlate these results with industrial experience regarding weld seam formation
in these materials.

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