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Effect of Alloy Chemistry and Process Parameters

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Effect of Alloy Chemistry and Process Parameters on the Extrudability and Recrystallization Resistance of 6082 Aluminum Alloy

Jostein Røyset, Mona Marstrander Rødland, Ulf Tundal, and Oddvin Reiso, Hydro Aluminium R&D and Technology, Sunndalsøra, Norway

Track: BILLET PROCESS and EQUIPMENT - Metallurgy

ABSTRACT --- Eight alloys within the AA6082 window, and with systematic
variations in Manganese (Mn), Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Magnesium (Mg),
and Silicon (Si), were cast as extrusion ingots. Two different homogenization
procedures were applied to the alloys, and the effects of homogenization
procedure and alloy chemistry on the number density and size of dispersoids
were determined by transmission electron microscopy. The ingots were extruded
to round bars, applying different combinations of billet preheating temperatures
and ram speeds. The breakthrough pressure in extrusion and the width of the
recrystallized layer of the extruded round bars were determined, and related to
the differences in alloy chemistry and process parameters that were applied. The
factors that influence the dispersoid number density, i.e. Mn and Cr content and
homogenization procedure, are the ones that have the strongest influence on the
thickness of the recrystallized layer. It is also found that the thickness of the
recrystallized layer in general increases with increasing billet preheating
temperature and ram speed. For some conditions however, a low billet preheating
temperature and high ram speed give the highest degree of recrystallization.
Empirical correlations between dispersoid number density, recrystallized layer
thickness, and breakthrough pressure in extrusion are derived from the

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