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Al-Mg-Si Alloys with Improved Crush Properties

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Al-Mg-Si Alloys with Improved Crush Properties

Jostein Røyset, Ulf Tundal, Oddvin Reiso and Trond Furu,
Hydro Aluminium R&D and Technology, Sunndalsøra, Norway


ABSTRACT --- The present paper summarizes recent work by Hydro Aluminium
in developing recrystallized Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon (Al-Mg-Si) alloys
with improved crush properties. By studying alloys with different Mg/Si ratios, it
is found that the best crush-properties are achieved when the alloy is balanced
with respect to the composition of the hardening precipitates, Mg5Si6. Further,
alloy optimization relies on the addition of dispersoid-forming elements such as
Manganese (Mn), Chromium (Cr) and Zirconium (Zr). The improvement in crush
properties is partially due to the dispersoids as such, and partially due to the
sharpened cube texture that is obtained during extrusion. Adding Vanadium (V)
in addition to the dispersoids is also known to be beneficial for the crush
properties. V is predominantly in solid solution in the alloy. It was discovered
that Titanium (Ti) has a similar effect as V on alloy crush properties. Cooling
rate after extrusion is crucial for crush properties, and cooling should always be
completed as fast as possible. The maximum cooling rate that can be applied
depends on the equipment at the press, and on the extruded profile’s complexity
and shape tolerances. The lower the maximum cooling rate, the higher the
necessity for a specialized alloy. Application of the knowledge acquired in the
present study greatly facilitates selection of crush-optimized alloys on a case-tocase

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