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Scrap… The Most Expensive Thing We Do

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Scrap… The Most Expensive Thing We Do

James H. Scheuing and John A. Funai, Werner Extrusion Solutions LLC, Illinois, USA

Track: MANAGEMENT ISSUES - Quality Management

ABSTRACT --- Extruders have many variables and inter-relational variables
inherent in their extrusion process that influence scrap generation, which is very
costly both to the extruder and its customers. Each and every potential scrap
generation variable needs to be defined, measured, analyzed, improved and then
controlled [the Six Sigma (D.M.A.I.C.) methodology]. Identifying the largest
variable is the beginning point; but, which is the variable of most concern to your
operation? (i.e., temperature, die design, velocity, puller tension, the operator
factor, etc.) The extrusion facility (focusing on the extrusion process) will be
reviewed covering the main scrap-generating variables/interrelational variables
of: billet process temperatures, die temperature, extrusion process temperatures,
quenching methods and temperatures, stretching practices, inline sawing
practices, handling practices, equipment, and the often-neglected human
influences of the die correctors, press operators, and auxiliary equipment
operators. This paper will review where scrap is generated and lay out a
methodology to begin a scrap improvement process. A real life example of a
successful extrusion operation’s scrap reduction program will be reviewed,
emphasizing the Six Sigma D.M.A.I.C methodology as the spark to the success
of this specific scrap reduction program.

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