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Molten Metal Safety in Aluminum Billet DC Casting

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Molten Metal Safety in Aluminum Billet DC Casting

James Brock 1, Jake Niedling 1, and Wayne Shanko 2,
1 Molten Metal Technology, GRP Engineering, Alcoa Center, Pennsylvania, USA, and
2 Alcoa GPP, Mt. Holly, South Carolina, USA

Track: BILLET PROCESS & EQUIPMENT - Casting, Casthouse, Environmental Health & Safety

ABSTRACT—Billet casting operations are conducted safely in facilities around the world every
hour of the day. The requirements for safe casting are defined by the operational practices and
technology designed in the casting system. Each year, there are significant molten metal
incidents, ranging from small expulsions of metal from a pan or mold to large, catastrophic
explosions. This presentation discusses the major mechanisms of molten metal explosions and
protective systems developed over many years, which significantly reduce explosion probability
and severity.

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